Oregon Innovation Alliance is devoted to promoting innovation - in and by Oregonians - to help us achieve great solutions to difficult environmental, social and economic goals. We want to preserve Oregon’s beautiful natural resources and lands while growing Oregon’s economy and social benefits to all its inhabitants.

Our focus is to enhance both the collaborative and individual innovativeness:  in our companies, our social institutions, our government and by our leadership. We contribute to this with a combination of Events, Services and Projects along with our Oregon Innovators Program.

We encourage and connect innovators and their sponsors through our Oregon Innovators Forums and our Innovation Resources Directory.

We’re working together to help grow Oregon's economic health while preserving and protecting Oregon’s natural beauty and diverse, beautiful environment. And we seek to increase the inclusion, active participation and opportunities for all of Oregon residents to share in the fruits of our economic, social and environmental enhancement.

Oregon Innovation Alliance works to help those who believe in the power and effectiveness of Innovation to solve, in positive and synergistic ways, the complex, highly interactive problems of balancing these three values.

We seek to develop innovative ways for under-represented and under-included persons and communities to learn, be included, assume leadership and make a difference. National origin, rural location within the state, underrepresented interest groups, and the many, already existent, highly talented Oregonians who, through no fault of their own, have been forced to take jobs far below their potential because of national and worldwide economic tectonics. These and many others can participate and lead to create a brighter future with social justice, new opportunities, economic stability, family wage jobs and the elimination of poverty – all through innovation.

After all,  Innovation means simply Finding a Better Way.

We’re helping make

Oregon – The State of Innovation ™

Oregon Innovation Alliance