Oregon has always been a pioneering state. Whether its new technology, better land use laws, creating and preserving public and natural spaces, or providing some of the worlds best natural products such as healthy foods and innovative wood products, Oregon is a pioneer in every imaginable dimension.  Now it’s time to apply innovation to our current frontiers: a stable, world-contributing economy, balancing fiscal growth with conservation of nature and natural resources, and the full and complete inclusion of all our citizens in our growth and prosperity.

Oregon Innovation Alliance is a place where every Oregonian who is interested in applying innovation methods and an innovation mindset can join with others: to create initiatives, work on projects, promote innovation. Each advancing their own areas of expertise with passion to create an even better Oregon. And further,  to export the fruits of our pioneering ventures to the rest of the world!  It’s a place to connect, a means to learn, and a chance to contribute to the pioneering innovation projects which will help change our world for the better.

Let’s make  Oregon – The State of Innovation ™

Promoting Enhanced Innovation Excellence
Benefiting Oregon's People, Environment and Economic Health

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